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Brick Wall Display with Portland Stone Capping
Brick Wall Display with Dreux Fountain
Dolphin's Barn Brick
Circular Terracotta Vent
Brick Wall Display including Decorative Feature
Corner Bricks
Pallets of Bricks
Decorative Features
Decorative Brick Wall Display with Planters
Pallet of Decorative Features
Decorative Feature
Brick Wall Display with Decorative Features (including '1963' and pillar)
Pallets of Ridge Tiles and Bricks
Brick Wall Display

We have a good selection of brick, such as:

Feature Brick

Fire Brick

Handmade Brick

Multicoloured Brick

Bull Nose Brick

Decorative Brick

Dolphins Barn Brick

Face Brick

Red Brick

Wire-cut Brick

Victorian Reclaimed Brick

Yellow Brick